How And When To Use Por, Para and Porque in Spanish

Some beginner students (and advanced) usually have some problems with when they should use POR, PARA or PORQUE and it can be one of the most frustrating topics to learn in all of Spanish. In this lesson we are going to review some rules to recognize when we should use one or another.

We use POR when we want to speak about the reason behind something. In this case you have to use a noun after POR.

POR + Noun: “Me gusta Buenos Aires por el clima.” (I like Buenos Aires because of the weather.)

“Como pollo por las proteínas que tiene.” (I eat chicken because it has protein.)

In Spanish you should use PARA when you are speaking about the objective of an action or the objective of an object. In this case you will use the verb in the infinitive form. PARA + Infinitive Verb: “Ahorro dinero para viajar a otro pais”. (I save money to travel to another country.)/ “El lapiz sirve para escribir.” (The pencil is used to write.).

Finally, we use Porque when you are speaking about the reason of something, but instead of using just the infinitive of the verb, we use the conjugation of the verb.

PORQUE + Conjugated Verb: “Voy a comprarme ropa nueva porque quiero estar elegante esta noche”.

(I am going to buy new clothes because I want to be elegant tonight.)

So, when someone asks you: “Por que estudias espanol?”

(Why do you study Spanish?), you can answer in different ways:

Por mi trabajo. (Because of my job.)

Por el crecimiento del mercado latino. (Because of the growth of the Latin market.)

Para poder comunicarme con personas que hablan espanol. (To be able to communicate with people who speak Spanish.)

Para viajar por Sudamerica. (For travelling around South America.)

Porque me gusta. (Because I like it.)

Porque quiero conseguir un trabajo mejor. (Because I want to find a better job.)

This little lesson doesn’t cover all aspects of when to use POR, PARA and PORQUE, but it should give you a good start at understanding some important differences of when they are used. Be on the lookout for more lessons about POR, PARA Y PORQUE in the future.

I will end this lesson by mentioning a couple of learning Spanish tools that you can use to increase your knowledge about this topic. The Practice Makes Perfect books are among the best for learning Spanish. There are currently about a dozen books in the Practice Makes Perfect series, covering various topic from vocabulary to grammar. Another one that I have recommended to my students is the Learning Spanish Like Crazy audio course which teaches informal or familiar Spanish, but not slang.

Overlord, a Nazi zombie movie produced by J.J. Abrams, gets gross first trailer

Nazi zombie movies apparently never go out of style.

Overlord is a new Nazi zombie film from producer J.J. Abrams and studio Bad Robot. Rumors hinted at Overlord being the newest entry in Abrams’ Cloverfield franchise, but the producer was adamant that’s not the case.

“It’s not a Cloverfield movie,” Abrams said earlier this year, according to Entertainment Weekly. “We are actually developing a true, dedicated Cloverfield sequel, which will be coming to you, theaters very soon.” He did, however, tease, “This movie is bats— crazy.”

Still, Overlord does seem to imply a new mystery box thriller of sorts that Abrams has made famous through the Cloverfield franchise.

Overlord takes its cues from earlier World War II zombie movies;…

Continue reading…

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Does Lung Congestion Come From Sinus Drainage? Nurse’s Guide

If you’re wondering if lung congestion comes from sinus drainage or if sinus drainage causes lung congestion there are a few things you should know. First, it’s normal for sinuses to drain. You want your sinus cavities to drain because a quart of fluid has to move through them every day. You don’t want them to get blocked. Blockage can cause a sinus infection. You may have symptoms of that now, such as pressure, pain, headache, yellow mucous.

If your lungs are congested, or your lungs or chest feels full, or you cough a lot, it’s a possibility that sinus drainage has leaked into your lungs. You may be wondering how this can happen. At night when you lay flat the sinus drainage that moves down into your throat naturally can slip into the lungs. This is a common occurrence and many times is responsible for a certain type of pneumonia. Many people have pneumonia as a result of this sinus drainage.

One of the ways to prevent this from happening is to make sure to prop yourself up on pillows at night so that you’re not laying flat. Laying flat makes it easier for fluid to escape into your lungs along with bacteria. You need to make sure that it’s not just your head that is elevated but your neck and shoulders too.

If you have a full-blown sinus infection now you can still help your lungs by propping yourself up. You can buy a wedge to slip under your pillows to give you better elevation that includes the shoulders and often just a pillow or two are not enough.

You should be able to get this wedge at your local medical supply house. They are quite common and they all have them. It’s a good investment – usually about $20 or so because it can help to prevent future problems and help you heal your lungs now.

Of course, there are many things you can do to prevent yourself from getting sinus infections, sinusitis and other sinus problems. And there are a few things you can do to help yourself heal. All natural of course, because you always want to avoid drugs, and medications whenever possible because they all come with side effects and risks.

Even over-the-counter medications have many risks, adverse reactions and side effects. They can act in conjunction with other drugs or medications you’re taking and cause problems for you from the combination. There are other treatment options.

So the answer of course is yes, lung congestion can come from sinus drainage. But you don’t have to suffer now or in the future if you take a few of the best natural steps to prevent it or cure it and get relief.

How to Fix Xbox 360 3 Red Lights – 2 Main Options to Choose

There are 2 ways for you to fix Xbox 360 3 red lights; This is commonly known as the dreaded three red rings of death among many users. This problem usually occurs as a result of overheating due to excessive use of your console box; when your unit overheats, some soldering done inside your box becomes loose. Consequently, the motherboard starts to bend slowly causing your unit to freeze when you use it; and the three rings of death show up.

One way for you fix Xbox 360 3 red lights is to bring your game console back to its manufacturer; first check the warranty card if it is still under the warranty period. This can save you a lot of money in repair cost; otherwise, you will have to spend around $ 140 in service fee. The whole process may take about four to six weeks before you can get back your unit and start playing on it again.

However, there is another alternative solution for you to fix Xbox 360 3 red lights is to do it yourself with the aid of a comprehensive repair guide that details the step-by-step process of fixing the trouble. The repair kit will only cost you less than $ 50 compared to the $ 140 service fee of expert technicians; and the procedure can be done within the day which allows you to start playing your favorite games at the end of the day.

Here, just choose which among the two main options is best for you; if you do not have time to do it yourself, then you can send back your unit to its manufacturer to have it repaired. On the negative side, it is much more expensive and you can not play for the next several weeks. If you want to use your Xbox as soon as possible, then grab a copy of the repair-kit and start fixing your Xbox 360 3 red lights problem; this option is more practical because it is less expensive, and devoid of the hassles of waiting for long period of time without playing your favorite games.

Airobotics makes autonomous drones in a box

Not far from Tel Aviv a drone flies low over a gritty landscape of warehouses and broken pavement. It slowly approaches its home — a refrigerator-sized box inside a mesh fence, and hovers, preparing to dock. It descends like some giant bug, whining all the way, and disappears into its base where it will be cleaned, recharged and sent back out into the air. This drone is doing the nearly impossible: it’s flying and landing autonomously and can fly again and again without human intervention — and it’s doing it all inside a self-contained unit that is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.

The company that makes the drone, Airobotics, invited us into their headquarters to see their products in action. In this video we talk with the company about how the drones work, how their clients use the drones for mapping and surveillance in hard-to-reach parts of the world and the future of drone autonomy. It’s a fascinating look into technology that will soon be appearing in jungles, deserts and war zones near you.

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PC Power Supply – Keep Your Computer Running

Without the PC power supply unit (PSU), your computer is useless. The power running through your home is an alternating current (more commonly known as ‘AC’). Your computer needs a direct current (known as ‘DC’) in order to run. The switcher technologies within the power-supplies are responsible for directing and converting the currents. Lacking that little box full of inventive technology, your computer would not turn on.

Before the advent of the current PC power supply, turning on a computer meant the use of humongous capacitors and transformers. The applied science of modern times has much reduced the bulk of the former components needed whilst still fulfilling the targeted demand. Because this component has to go through the cycles of heating and cooling each and every time the computer is turned on and used, it happens to be one of the more likely parts to malfunction or even completely fail.

When you have a PSU failure, you will want to purchase a new one. However, what do you look for? Can you replace it yourself? What will it cost? These are all some common questions that will arise in this situation.

First of all, you need to know the wattage requirements of your computer. To find this information, you will want to add up the requirements listed on the labels of the individual computer components. You will also need to know the type of form factor your computer uses. A lot of newer computers use the Advanced Technology Extended (or ATX) form factor, older PC’s may use the AT form factor. There are also a couple of other varieties. Be sure you know which you need before you start shopping. The PC power supply is fairly simple to replace. Always make sure your computer is unplugged from the wall socket before attempting to replace a part. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with taking your computer apart, you can have this done by a professional technician. The cost of your PSU is going to vary depend on all of the factors listed above. The prices will also vary from brand to brand, company to company.

You can find a PC power supply at nearly any computer store either locally or online. Most brick and mortar stores will have a technician or customer service rep that can help you decide which PSU is right for your computer. An Internet retailer will typically have a guided search function, a frequently asked questions section or the ability to instant message a customer tech in case of questions or problems with your purchase.

The PC power supply is essentially the heart of your computer, the same way that the motherboard is essentially the brain. Without either of these two fundamentals, you have nothing other than a box of wires and metal. These are the things that keep your computer running. If you think that your PSU is responsible for any sort of problems or malfunctions that you are having with your computer then it is time to start shopping around for a new one.

Logitech Rumblepad 2 for Great Computer Gaming Experience

Most of the people who are addicted to computer gaming are not much aware of the differences that one gamepad can provide to the quality of the game. There are a number of these gamepads available in the market. They basically differ in their quality and a few of features and functions of the keys. So, if you want to purchase a high quality gamepad then you just cannot ignore the Logitech Rumblepad 2. Its main importance lies in the fact that it has been designed with a superb system that looks after the feedback system.

The Rumblepad 2 forms a great compatibility with any PC and provides the users with a great gaming experience. Its features do not differ much from the other models but you will surely notice its better quality. Ask any professional and they will surely suggest you to use those pads. Those who have a tendency to roughly handle the pads must stick to the good quality ones that will easily withstand any jerk and shock. One great thing about this controller is the grip that it provides to your hands which is because of the non-slippery rubber surface. It prevents your hand from slipping down from the controller at a very vital moment of the game. If you face any problem concerning the traction produced by it then you can always go for a grip paper. You will easily find this in any of the hardware store of your locality and will cost you around 20 cents.

Apart from its versatility and easy-to-operate features another thing that will make you its fan is its easy-to-install characteristic. You will not have to waste your time energy in performing a long and complicate process. If you want to have a better realistic feel then the dual motor vibration system will be of great help. There is a number of gamepads that claim of forming a good rapport with the PCs but end up doing so only with the advanced ones. But Logitech Rumblepad 2 also forms great compatibility with the older machines.

iFixit finds dust covers in latest MacBook Pro keyboard

Apple released a refreshed MacBook Pro this week and top among the new features is a tweaked keyboard. Apple says its quieter than the last version and in our tests, we agree. But iFixit found something else: thin, silicone barriers that could improve the keyboard’s reliability.

This is big news. Users have long reported the butterfly switch keyboard found in MacBook Pros were less reliable than past models. There are countless reports of dust and lint and crumbs causing keys to stick or fail. Personally, I have not had any issues, but many at TechCrunch have. To date Apple has yet to issue a recall for the keyboard..

iFixit found a thin layer of rubberized material covering the new butterfly mechanism. The repair outlet also points to an Apple patent for this exact technology that’s designed to “prevent and/or alleviate contaminant ingress.”

According to Apple, which held a big media unveiling for new models, the changes to the keyboard were designed to address the loud clickity-clack and not the keyboard’s tendency to get mucked up by dust. And that makes sense, too. If Apple held an event and said “We fixed the keyboards” it would mean Apple was admitting something was wrong with the keyboards. Instead Apple held an event and said “We made the keyboards quieter” admitting the past keyboards were loud, and not faulty.

We just got our review unit and will report back on the keyboard’s reliability after a day or two at the beach. Because science.

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