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Much-Awaited Horse Racing Events in the World

The sports that dates back to centuries past remains to be as dynamic as ever today. It has even gained momentum and lots of world popularity over the past years. Horse racing across the globe is a year-round event but avid horse race enthusiasts very well know that the major horse racing events across the globe are big-letter days and marked by massive festivities. The most famous horse racing events take place in the UK, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and the United States. These are described as the most decorated horse racing countries in the world. They have much-awaited major racing events, with the highest wagers and the biggest prize purses. In 2013, there are 10 highly-anticipated and major international horse racing schedules that will bring in droves of horse racing aficionados.

First Quarter 2013 Races

In March, the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival is held at the Cheltenham Racecourse in the United Kingdom. Numerous races are scheduled each day for four days. This yearly event dates back to 1860. Major horse racing eventsin the world include its relatively newer player. Also happening in March, the Dubai World Cup is held at the Meydan Racecourse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the ideal site for thoroughbred racing as these horses originated from the UAE. This is one of the most profitable races today, with a purse that comes up to $10 million. The race is also a certified fashion event, with those in attendance dressed to the nines.  

Second Quarter 2013 Races

The month of April sees the Grand National Steeplechase in Aintree, Liverpool, United Kingdom. It is conducted on the Grand National Aintree Racecourse. In May, one of the most famous races in the world is scheduled: theKentucky Derby, held on the 1.25 mile course in Churchill Downs at Louisville, Kentucky. The Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, Maryland is also held in May. June witnesses the Epsom Derby at Epsom in the United Kingdom. June is also the month for what is probably the most colorful horse racing event in the world: the
Royal Ascot. This racegoes back to 1711 and is celebrated annually over a spread of five days. The site is the Ascot Racecourse and the event has always been attended by the English royalty. If you check it out, you will find your favorite horse racing schedule today.

Fourth Quarter 2013 Races

The Prix de L’arc de Triomphe, conducted on Paris’s Longchamp Racecoursehappens in October. This is the most celebrated race in France, as well as the third biggest purse in the world. In November, the Breeders’ Cup World Championships are held in Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California. There are 14 individual races over a period of two days for this event. “The Race That Stops A Nation” is always held on the first Tuesday of November in Victoria, Australia. The Melbourne Cup Victoria is Australia’s most significant and most lucrative horse race in the country.It is also commemorated as a holiday in the city and the state. With these upcoming horse race events, you can avail of a horse racing schedule today at many online information portals.

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The PDA Substitute – The Apple iPod

You do not need to buy a PDA if you already own an iPod. Simply use your iPod as a PDA. Your iPod can do more than just play music. Your iPod already has the capability of storing such things as your contacts, calendar information, and your notes. Although the iPod is not in the running for PDA of the Year, it can serve as a ready backup for contact and calendar info while you are traveling or if your normal one is broken.

If you have never tried using your iPod as a PDA, you should probably go check out your iPods Extra menu. This Extra menu is where you will find your iPods Clock, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and of course Games. Besides storing your latest music files, your iPod is able to store phone numbers, addresses, web site URLs, and other important information that you may need, up to 1,000 contacts! If you wish to export this information about your contacts, you can do so via vCard format from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop, or any email applications that support the vCard.

To start inputting your contact information into your iPod, go to the Extra menu and choose the Contacts options. If you currently do not have any contacts, your iPod will give you instructions on how to do so. If you are going to import your contacts information, your Windows XP needs to recognize your iPod as hard drive before it can start exporting to your iPod.

Once you connect your iPod to your computer, double-click on My Computer and select your iPod icon. If you are using Outlook 2003 or Outlooks Express with iTunes 6, you can go ahead and automatically synchronize your contacts using iTunes and your iPod. Go to the Edit menu and select the Preferences option. Now select the iPod option and the Contacts button. Now choose Outlook or Outlook Express from the Sync Contacts From on the drop down menu. This is where you can choose if you would like to sync all of your Outlooks contacts or you can go ahead and choose only those you wish to export to your iPod. Click on OK to confirm these choices.

If you would like to export calendar information from Outlook or Outlook Express, you can do so by going through the same steps you did for exporting your contact data. In addition to keeping your contact and calendar data, your iPod is also able to store text data. After you save your text as a text file, save it to a folder of your choosing that is located on your local hard drive. No you are able to drag and drop the text file onto your iPods Notes directory.

However, you cannot do this with .RTF files. If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2003 or Outlook Express 6 or later, as well as iTunes version 6, it will be very easy for you to maintain your iPods data. Simply go to the iTunes File menu and select the Update iPod option. Take note though, if you are using an older version of Outlook, you will have to update your calendar data manually or you will need to use a third-party sync application.

Even though your iPod may never come close to replacing the PDA you normally use, your iPod can serve as a good backup incase you leave your PDA somewhere or if your PDA is broken. Your iPod should be able to help with your day-to-day activities by storing contact information, calendar data, and notes that contain important information.

For people using iPods on their Mac computers, they have the advantage of the iCal function as well as storing their contacts with more relative ease than those using Windows computers. Windows users, if syncing your contacts becomes a hassle, you can purchase iPod Sync 2.24, which retails for around $15. This software program will allow you to synchronize your iPod like it is a PDA. It will store all of your Outlook data, from your schedule to all of your email. Also, the iPod photo units will let you store complete PowerPoint presentations on your iPod for easy portability and use.

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Home User Guide to Free Virus Removal – How to Remove Conficker Worm Easily

The Confiker is a worm that should have activated itself on April 1st but did not, proves to be a still-standing threat to the world. Now imagine what will happen if you’re the one who gets this infection then it will be a headache for you since you don’t know how to remove this malicious software. Luckily, there are software that can remove it easily.

Conficker is a computer worm believed to be the largest infection right now. It has infected lots of computer in the world and even has few variations. Even though it didn’t activate itself during 1st of April, it’s still out there waiting for instruction.

A computer worm is software that can infect your PC and turn it to a zombie computer. A zombie computer is a computer that can be controlled by the hackers hence, used for a lot of malicious purpose such as DDoS attack.

So, how to remove the Conficker Worm? It can be removed by downloading Malicious Software Removal Tools provided by Microsoft or you can search for third parties that provide the tools such as McAfee and Symantec.

I’ve downloaded the Conficker Removal Tool by McAfee just want to see if my computer had been infected. Even though I have lots of protection software, but still, I need to check for it just in case. The removal tool result showed that my computer is free from this infection.

These removal tools are free to download and you don’t need to pay a cent for it. The Conficker was discovered during November 2008 and there are four variations to date.

Microsoft is offering rewards for those who can give information which can lead to the capture of the creator or creators.

Most anti-virus companies have updated their anti-virus definition so their software will be able to remove it. However, the Conficker Worm is evolving with lots of variations and as long as the creator is free, there will be new variations emerge.

So, if you know anything about this worm, report it to the authorities so we can use the internet without the fear of being infected.

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Maximize the Battery Life of Your MacBook Pro

Nothing is more frustrating than using your MacBook Pro outside the home or the office only to find out that your battery is fast draining because you have actually overused or misused it. What if you have a presentation to do or an emergency email you have to send out and the battery of your MacBook Pro just died down? What are you going to do? Remember, not always will there be an Apple store around the corner where you can get a replacement battery.

Learn how to maximize the battery life of you MacBook Pro so that you won’t have to worry about it again, especially when you are somewhere without an electric socket! Below are some tips you should keep in mind when working with your MacBook Pro to prolong its battery life.

1. Every time you turn on your MacBook Pro, make sure that its battery is fully charged.

2. During Software Updates installation, keep them running as these updates sometimes improve the life of your MacBook Pro’s battery.

3. Once in a while, discharge the battery of your MacBook Pro – about once a month should be enough. Run it until it shuts down or outs itself to sleep. Then when the battery is already drained, plug the MacBook Pro to recharge.

4. Make sure that you use and store your MacBook Pro under recommended room temperature which is between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Anywhere higher or lower than these temperatures might damage not only the battery, but your MacBook Pro, as well.

5. To minimize battery usage, keep the brightness level of your MacBook Pro to a minimum. The brighter the screen is, the more power the battery consumes. Also, turn off the backlight on your keyboard by using the F5 key to minimize power consumption.

6. Turn off the Bluetooth function on your MacBook Pro when you are not using it as it uses a lot of power. To turn off Bluetooth, Open System Preferences, click on Bluetooth, and mark as uncheck the box next to “ON”.

7. Turn off or disable AirPort (Wi-Fi function) when you are not using it. To turn it off, Open System Preferences, click on Network, and click on the Turn AirPort Off button.

8. If you will keep your MacBook Pro plugged in or stored for a long period of time, it is best to remove the battery. In storing the battery, keep it under room temperature and away from heat to prolong its life.

While you can always have a replacement for your damaged or dead MacBook Pro battery from Apple stores, it is still best to preserve and prolong its life to avoid any more hassles. By keeping in mind these simple but important safety tips, you can be sure that the battery of your MacBook Pro will last long.

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Office Moving or Relocating Office Useful Tips

In a rapidly changing business world, office moving from one facility to another is a situation most business owners will definitely face. If you think moving out or into an office are hard – you’re wrong – it’s almost impossible!

Office moving is unique and requires a high level of knowledge and experience to arrange and complete. The relocation has to be handled with immense responsibility as the process may disturb the regular productivity and workflow.

The entire office moving or relocation process requires careful planning and includes various basic activities to be arranged to assure a smooth execution. Office relocation needs customized Packers Movers with specialized equipment. Corporate relocation is preplanned with professional expertise to handle office equipment like computers, furniture, fixtures and others. Here’s few important Relocating Office Tips that will surely enhance your chances of a successful move. Benefit from these tips and make a successful office move-

  • Go for movers specifically specialized and experienced in corporate relocation. Never mistake a corporate mover with a household mover
  • Plan every thing well in advance so that relocation process does not disrupt the routine or business of the corporate customers. Try to finish the whole process as soon as possible (can finish it over a weekend too). You can’t wait too long for shifting as for every minute it takes you to move your business, valuable time and money is lost.
  • Often it is good to prepare an Office Moving Guide and include all information about the new office and pass it on to all who are connected with the corporation. It should include the location map of the new office, blue print of the whole office, employees seating position etc.
  • Contacts play an important role in any corporation’s growth and help to sustain. So make sure you do not lose any contact. Also inform the postal department about the change in address so that all your mails will be redirected.
  • Label every item like desk, chair, book cases or electronic equipments along with their location to be placed at. This would enable you to manage everything bit easily and quickly. For instance an employee must be using a table and needs the same in the new location it will be easy to fix it for him if marked.
  • While moving technological machines it is always good to hire a professional to unfix and fix.
  • Move personal or valuable items privately. Things like legal papers, security documents, cash or other valuables should be kept under your control and should be moved privately. These cannot be left at any moving companies’ authority since they promise no responsibility of such articles.
  • Few people among your staff should be authorized to move with the mover and ensure that the packing, unpacking and rearranging is also supervised.
  • Before and after moving inform those people who need to be informed.
  • Make sure that everything is clear with everyone involved in the move through proper communication. Lack of communication may lead to an improper office move.
  • Avoid any sort of delays as there are so many interrelated steps to a move that any one delay can influence many other aspects. The point person on the move needs to coordinate communication between moving services, building management for both old and new locations, contractors, vendors, employees, and management.
  • Cut out the staff. Consider moving on a weekend when the office is empty — or else give employees the day off. They can’t help, they won’t get any work done, and they’re at risk of being hurt by unsecured equipment.
  • Start early. Reliable moving services can provide invaluable help in planning and executing your move. Choosing a Movers Packers several months before your actual move gives you the best chance to benefit from their expertise. It’s also recommended that you set your move time as early in the day as possible to account for likely delays.
  • Check the calendar. Because moving services get much busier near the end of the month, you can sometimes save money by scheduling your move towards the middle of the month
  • Make your move as cost effective as you can since relocating the entire office involves lot of other expenditure. Take the measurements of the new place in order to make your old furniture fix at the new place. Make a rough layout of your office pointing the location of furniture, plants or other accessories.
  • If hiring any professionals for arranging your office, make sure that you stay with the same company till end. Explain them everything in detail about the shape you want your office to be in.
  • Provide every employee of yours with the brief guide describing the steps they need to follow during and after move.
  • Vacant all desks, shelves, bookcases and drawers of all materials and place them in safe cartons.
  • Cabinets can be moved as it is without emptying them but make sure that they are properly locked.
  • Moving of electronic machinery should be done with proper care. Make sure that you dismantle them properly and keep their parts and small screws in place.
  • Water dispensers must be wiped off and made sure that it does not contain any water.
  • Vending machines must be emptied before relocating.
  • Computers must be dismantled and rearranged with the help of a professional.
  • If you are making a move of any hired equipments then always inform the owner prior to its move.

Today more and more people are relying on internet as a medium to collect or search information and are hiring services on clicks. Renowned portals like, Movers And packers provide an ideal platform to innumerable people to get connected with most dynamic and professional office moving companies that can assist you in shifting, packing, transfer, unloading and setting up of a corporate in an entirely different location.

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Apple Macbook Pro MD 102 Review

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In this modern technological world, computers have become an essential electronic devices to be used in almost every situation for many reasons. The main benefit of using computer is to get good results in all sorts of activities. Almost everyone has a computer at home. Nowadays, consumers have more choices when searching for computer like laptop, Macbook etc. Technological advancement is making Apple Macbook highly popular these days. You will get various models in Apple Macbook to choose from and one among them in Apple Macbook Pro MD 102. This model is gaining lot of popularity these days because of its benefits.

Apple Macbook Pro MD 102 comes in an exquisite designs and with great functionality. It features Intel’s new third-generation core that boosts processor and memory speeds. The high speed Thunderbolt I/O allows you transfer data quickly at the speed of up to 10 Gbps. This device is a great invention.

Apple Macbook Pro MD 102 has a precision unibody enclosure that is crafted using a single block of aluminum. This makes it thin and light mobile computer. This device is less than 1 inch thin and just 4.5 pounds in weight. It includes 13.3 inch LED -backlit screen as well as a glass trackpad. The trackpad doesn’t include a button. You will enjoy up to 7 hours of battery life while on the go.

The best thing about Apple Macbook Pro MD 102 is that it include both a high speed thunderbolt port and two USB 3 ports that enables you to connect to external displays. This model features a 2.9 GHz core i7 dual core processor, 750 GB hard disk size and 8 GB of installed RAM. Other major features of Apple Macbook Pro MD 102 are 8x SuperDrive, Bluetooth, Ultra-fast wireless and wi fi networking, 4.0 connectivity, FireWire 800 port and SDXC card slot. This ultra smart device will cost you around AED 5349.

Basic Specification of Apple Macbook Pro MD 102:

Battery: Up to 7 hours Width: 324.61mm Thickness: 227.07mm Height: 24.13mm Weight: 2.06 Kg Display: 13.3-inch LED-backlit glossy wide screen display with edge-to-edge, uninterrupted glass Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated graphics processor Hard Disk size: 750 GB Processor Type: Intel Dual Core i7 RAM: 8 GB DDR3L Price: AED 5349

Apple Macbook Pro MD 102 has a lot of power because of the latest Intel Core i7 processor. This process allows a faster processor, powerful graphics and a memory controller. The Intel Core i7 processor has a 2.9 GHz speed which generally accelerate up to 3.6 GHz to make it easy for you to work and all thanks to the updated Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

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Alternative investment funds managers': general requirements

The Alternative Investment Funds Managers’ (AIFMs) Law, 56(I)/ 2013, aligns the Cyprus regulatory framework with various EU regulations on Alternative Investment Managers (AIMs).

Specifically, the Law identifies the following two Alternative Investment Funds Manager:

  1. The AIFMs that internally manage AIFs.
  2. The AIFMs that are appointed as external managers of AIFs.

AIFMs need to be licensed by CySEC in order to operate in the Republic of Cyprus. Moreover, the AIFMs that operate in the Republic of Cyprus need to satisfy some general requirements such as authorisation, capital requirements, remuneration, conflict of interest, risk management, liquidity management and transparency.


It should be pointed out that AIFMs are licensed only if CySEC is satisfied that AIFMs:

  • comply with the Law;
  • have sufficient capital;
  • are managed by individuals of good repute and sufficient experience;
  • have shareholders with qualifying holdings who are suitable to guarantee the wise and prudent management;
  • have a head office and registered office in Cyprus;

The CySEC may grant full or partial authorisation, with certain restrictions on the investment strategies of the AIF which the AIFM is permitted to manage.

The CySEC has to notify the Applicant of its decision, within three months after receiving the complete application. Note, that this period can be extended if it is necessary.

The AIFM may start managing AIFs based on its authorisation as soon as its license has been granted within one month of submitting information concerning the services it is going to offer.

Capital Requirements:

The following table illustrates the capital requirements according to the type of AIFM and Portfolio. It should be underlined that the total portfolio value does not include AIF portfolios managed by AIFM under delegation. Furthermore, internally and externally managed AIF should have additional own funds or hold professional liability insurance in order to respond to any potential professional liability.

Internally Managed AIF:

  • Portfolio less than €250 million: €300.000
  • Portfolio more than €250 million: Additional capital of 0.02% of the amount by which €250 million is exceeded with a maximum of €10 million.

Externally Managed AIF:

  • Portfolio less than €250 million: €152.000
  • Portfolio more than €250 million: Additional capital of 0.02% of the amount by which €250 million is exceeded with a maximum of €10 million.

Remuneration: The remuneration policies of an AIFM need to satisfy the following requirements such as:

  • Promote wise, prudent and efficient risk management;
  • Not encouraging risk taking that does not apply to the risk profiles, rules or instruments of incorporation of the AIFs they manage.
  • Apply to those categories of staff whose professional activities influence the risk profiles of the AIFMs or the AIFs they manage.
  • Be consistent with the business strategy, mission and values;
  • Be occasionally reviewed and be subject to an annual independent review;

For more information about remuneration, requirements contact investment and corporate lawyers.

Conflict of Interest[1]: According to article 15 of the Law, AIFMs are responsible for identifying conflicts of interest between the following parties: 

  •    AIFM, its managers, employees or any individual indirectly or directly linked to the AIFM by control VS AIF managed by the AIFM or its investors.
  • AIF or its investors VS Another AIF and its investors.
  • AIF or its investors VS Another client of the AIFM.
  • AIF or its investors VS Undertaking Collective Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) managed by the AIFM or its investors.
  • Client of the AIFM VS Another client of the AIFM.

Risk Management:  The risk management department of the AIFM must be operationally separated from the operating units of the AIFM. CySEC will review the isolation taking into account the size of the AIFM and its activities. Precisely, the AIFM needs to be able to prove that it has established well-developed procedures that facilitate the independent performance of risk management activities and that risk management process meets all the requirements.

Liquidity Management: The AIFM should employ an adequate liquidity management system and procedures for each AIF they manage, apart from unleveraged closed-ended AIFs, so that to be able to monitor the liquidity risk of the AIF and to ensure the liquidity profiles of the AIF’s investments comply with the relevant regulations. Moreover, the AIFM should conduct regular stress tests.

Transparency: AIFMs or their branches authorised in the Republic of Cyprus have an ongoing duty to provide any related information and annual reports to investors and CySEC.

[1] CySEC, AIFMs,, Retrieved on: 20 March 2016

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Dubai Ski Dome

Associating Dubai with its fantastic climate and all-year round sunshine with a skiing holiday is probably not the norm for most people. However Dubai is full of surprises and the contradiction of having a ski resort in the desert was one that captured the imagination and this project was opened in December 2005.

Not only has it been a huge success but also it continues to attract residents and tourists in droves on a daily basis. But it are never too crowded as it can house up to 1500 people at a time. Dubai Ski Dome makes it easy for visitors because it provides all the equipment necessary for a day on the slopes. Full thermal ski wear and ski’s, sledging equipment & snow boards are just some of the equipment available to make this a great day out for all the family.

Ski Dubai is situated in the fabulous Mall of the Emirates. You can’t miss it as it towers above the skyline providing 400m of slope and has the only indoor black run in the world. For the less experienced, (and don’t panic because there are more gentle slopes to attempt) and for the novice, ski lessons are available on request. All in all, the ski resort offers 5 different ski runs of varying degrees and length. Snow boarding and snowboarding lessons are also available and for the kids, there is a sledging area which is also great for the young ones.

Dubai Ski uses real snow created by the conditions in the dome. Over 6000 tons of snow in fact, so the thermal clothing is a real necessity if you are to spend any time here.

To complement the day in the Alps, at the foot of the resort are alpine style restaurants where you can eat fondue or sip a glass of mulled wine. Après ski is always a big part of any skiing holiday and in the Mall of the Emirates, they’ve really made it happen!

‘Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Resort’ is another groundbreaking project due to open in 2008 in Dubailand. Due to the success of the Dubai Ski Dome, Dubai is also constructing a huge dome housing a revolving ski slope, which will meander through artificial mountain ranges. To make this a real ‘arctic’ experience, included in this attraction will be a penguin house, arctic aquarium, cold and warm bath spas and many more facilities to make this fantastic arctic experience in the desert. Dubailand is being constructed now and is an attraction that will really rival any Disney park.

To experience the fantastic Dubai ski dome or to book lessons in advance (always advisable)

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Should You Update to Windows 7

Should You Upgrade to Windows 7 ? This is perhaps the most-talked about question about technology in most businesses recently, especially after the introduction ofVista. We can answer this question best by looking at the question from both technical and business points of view.. From a technical point of view, the best news aboutWindows 7 is that it runs extremely well even on outdated hardware. It was tested on a Pentium 4 C with 1 GB RAM as well as on one of the new notebooks in a lab, and it worked well on both, outperforming many other Operating Systems. Looking at performance Windows 7 provides a good reason for you to upgrade. From a features point of view, lets look at standalone vs a Windows R2 running on your network supporting your applications. If the standalone features meets your business needs,you have an easy choice. The BitLocker feature for example, might be good for laptop users from a data security point of view, while AppLocker would be helpful for better control over what can and cannot run on each system and the parameters you want to implement. What about the business facts you must consider? The launch of Windows 7 is coming at an opportune time when we are slowly coming out of the economic recession,have made operational efficiencies and are getting back on the growth track. During tougher times, IT budgets had been reduced, and organizations put all their hardware purchases on hold. It makes sense to get all newer more powerful machines with Windows 7. The requirements of your business integration require a good look at also. Are you integrating your telecom and business applications together in an integrated fashion? Current users of Windows XP who are not planning to replace their hardware, may not see this as the best time to upgrade to the new Windows 7. Win XP users will have to format their computers because they can’t directly upgrade to Windows 7. In either case, you would still have to check for application compatibility, and make sure that all your existing drivers work on the new OS. You should also review your existing network configurations to see if server upgrades would be needed.

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